Get the scoop on the next film Steve McQueen will be directing

Oscar-winning director set to remake British heist thriller ‘Widows’


After winning this year’s Oscar for Best Director for his smash hit ’12 Years A Slave‘, everyone has been waiting to hear which project Steve McQueen would choose to work on next, after all, the bar had been set very high, especially when your last movie won three Oscars.

THR has now revealed that the British born director will begin filming 1983 British TV series ‘Widows’ at the start of 2015. The series was based on the story of three thieves who were killed during a heist, leaving their wives widowed. The three wives then pulled off their own unlikely heist by going through books and other clues left behind by their late husbands.

McQueen, who was a teenager at the time the series was being aired is said to have been a huge fan because of its female empowerment themes, and has apparently been looking to make it into a film for a long time.

There’s no word yet about the cast, but after the success he’s had in 2014 and with his track record, there’s no doubt competition for these roles will be incredibly fierce.

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