Foxy Kim is back on Eastenders after taking time out to have a baby

Tameka Empson who plays Kim Fox on popular BBC soap Eastenders has returned to Albert square. Empson had taken time off the show after she became pregnant and has been on Maternity leave for the past year. Show bosses had been leaving subtle hints alerting viewers of Kim’s return after a year of absence from the show, although we were told she’d arrive back with a secret storyline.

True to form, the comedy character returned with a bang on last night’s episode after she burst into Walford faux fur, big earrings, and pregnant.

Kim who plays the younger sister to Denise was quick to rush to her sister’s defence after seeing how much she was struggling in the wake of her break up with Ian Beale. It didn’t take quite long for her to also note that in her absence, Walford had become a totally different face as she quipped, ‘I can barely recognise any faces around here’, on arrival.

Kim’s absence from the square was explained to viewers by way of the outspoken character’s eloping with a man she met briefly at a cafe after falling hopelessly in love with him.

Now she’s back on the show and pregnant too. We look forward to the outrageous moments she’s sure to bring our way.

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