Former JLS band member JB Gill gushes about fatherhood and living the rural life in Kent

JB and Wife Chloe chat to Hello!. Photo: Hello! magazine

A hands on dad


JB Gill and Wife Chloe told Hello! magazine this week they can’t wait to introduce their baby son- Ace Jeremiah, into life on their rural farm in Kent.

Former JLS band member JB gushed to the celebrity magazine that he was looking forward to watching Ace rumble around with farm animals and fetching eggs from the farm- how adorable.

In an exclusive interview and photoshoot for Hello!, JB gushed, “There’s already so much I’m looking forward to doing with him, like taking him horse riding and out on the farm feeding the pigs. I want him to try gymnastics, running, rugby, football, skiing – all the things we’ve been fortunate to experience. There’s so much out there to learn about and I can’t wait to show him.

The couple who got married in May this year welcomed their adorable bundle of joy last month and JB hasn’t been able to (understandably) contain his excitement- like any new daddy, he constantly posts photos on Instagram of the happy family. He told the magazine he was however, most excited about bringing up his son in the tranquil rural setting they call home. ‘What I’m really excited about is when Ace is old enough to enjoy the farm, too.”

‘I can’t wait to get him his first pair of wellies and get him mucking out the pigs with me. We’ll send him down to pick fresh eggs for breakfast’, said the singer.

It wasn’t an easy ride though for the family as Chloe went through a gruelling 40 hour labour before eventually having a caesarean section after doctors found out the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck.

The new mum spoke about coping and coming to terms with the ordeal as she now has her bundle of joy in her arms.

“We both had such a clear picture in our minds of how the birth would be so, although you have to do what’s best for you and the baby, it was a massive shock – something that only really hit me when we were driving home from hospital,” she said.

“I started crying and I couldn’t stop and I just kept saying to J over and over, ‘I can’t believe what we’ve just been through.'”

She’s not been alone though as fellow band mate wife and Saturday’s singer Rochelle Humes has apparently been a rock of support for the new mum, giving her advice and tips.

Read the full interview in the latest issue of Hello! magazine,

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