Foreign Secretary William Hague to Host Ministerial Meeting on Security in Nigeria

The Nigerian Foreign Minister is to attend a ministerial meeting in London along with 12 other Heads of State from neigbouring countries over the current security situation in Nigeria.

The meeting will be hosted by the UK Foreign secretary on the 12th of June while the World Summit on ending violence in conflict is taking place.

Other Countries expected to attend the meeting include Benin, Chad, and Cameroon, all of whom share borders with Nigeria, particularly the North Eastern region where Boko Haram has its strong hold.

The porous nature of the borders have allowed the insurgent group move between the countries often carrying out attacks in small towns and moving people kidnapped by the group during such attacks around.

The Plight of the over 300 girls kidnapped in a small town in Borno State has led to a joint international effort including the UK, US and France to fight the insurgency and find the missing girls.

Last month, French President Francois Hollande hosted a similar meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan in attendance and this meeting will be following up on issues discussed previously in France.

According to a Foreign office statement, Foreign Secretary William Hague said, “We have already reached agreements on intelligence sharing; coordinated border patrols; developing a regional Counter Terrorism strategy; and wider action, including supporting the victims of sexual violence and the empowerment of women and girls. This coordinated action has sent a powerful message of intent.”

“The London Ministerial on Security in Northern Nigeria will build on these agreements and consider further options to combat terrorism in Northern Nigeria. This shows the determination of those in the region, with the support of the international community, to defeat Boko Haram. We continue to work through our close international coordination on the ground in Nigeria to help secure the release of the abducted school girls.”

Mr Hague also highlighted the significance of holding the meeting on the back of the World Summit on ending Rape saying “The appalling abduction of the Nigerian school girls underlines the dreadful risk posed to women and girls in conflict and why we are mobilising the world to tackle sexual violence in conflict.”


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