Flash Floods Hit Britain As Month’s Worth of Rainfall Falls in Hours

Areas in the South East experienced severe floods today with major disruption to travel and many homes. Residents in areas including Worthing and Brighton experienced severe weather this morning due to the sheer intensity of the rainfalls which caused houses and cars to become submerged in water.

Commuters at some of the train stations were also reportedly besieged by the water as the floods spilled into train platforms putting a halt to many rail services.

The flash floods affected areas in Kent and Sussex with the London Fire Brigade having to rescue people from their cars and homes after they became stuck in the flash flood.

Weather forecasters issued a severe weather warning for the South East of England after a month’s worth of rainfall fell in a couple of hours.

A video footage obtained by the BBC showed a lightening strike so strong, it cut off electricity at a sub section in Brighton for up to 30 minutes.

The severe weather was blamed on the recent wave of hot weather Britain has been experiencing which caused a build up of energy in the atmosphere.

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