First Ever Case Of Feline-Human TB Transmission is Recorded in The UK

Four people have been infected with the Tuberculosis bacteria from what is suspected to be the first ever recorded case of Feline to human TB transmission.

In the report published by Public Health England, two people were infected from the same home while the other two are said to be carrying the dormant form of the disease.

The cats are thought to have contracted the TB bacteria from badgers as some of the pets who were examined, had cuts on their bodies as a result of being bitten by the animals.

A total of 9 cats are now thought to have been infected in the home counties, all within a matter of weeks.

The unprecedented outbreak was revealed last night by Public health England who stated that the risk of further infections is ‘very low’.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Dr Dilys Morgan, of Public Health England, said: ‘These are the first documented cases of cat-to-human transmission.

‘Although PHE has assessed the risk of people catching this infection from infected cats as being very low, we are recommending that household and close contacts of cats with confirmed M. bovis infection should be assessed and receive public health advice.

‘It’s important to remember that this was a very unusual cluster of TB in domestic cats.’

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