‘Finding Fela’- In UK Cinemas September 5

“Finding Fela” is the story of Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s life, music, and political importance. He created
Afrobeat, using that as a political forum to oppose the Nigerian dictatorship and to advocate for the
rights of all oppressed people.


Acclaimed documentarian Alex Gibney’s latest incisive and illuminating feature film Finding Fela is a sweeping portrait of the artist as guerilla warrior. Set to the insistent groove of Nigerian superstar Fela Kuti’s revolutionary Afrobeat sound, the remarkable story of one man’s courageous stand against a corrupt and dictatorial government gives testament to the transformative power of music
as a force for social and political change. 

Legend: Fela Kuti Photo: FindingFela.co.uk

Legend: Fela Kuti
Photo: FindingFela.co.uk

Fela’s influence spanned the globe as his soaring music and unstoppable spirit transported audiences in the Americas, Europe and, most importantly, throughout Africa. His defiantly vocal opposition to the military regimes destroying his people made him the voice of the oppressed masses—and a target of brutal government retaliation.

Finding Fela features recently rediscovered archival footage of the legendary musician in performance, in interviews and in unguarded private moments, as well as new interviews with family, colleagues and friends for a glimpse of the audacious and dangerous life of a contradictory iconoclast who defined African political thought for more than two decades.

Simultaneously, the film goes behind the scenes to observe the evolution of “Fela!”—the Broadway musical based on his life and work that was nominated for 11 Tony Awards. As the two parallel tales intertwine and merge, they form a nuanced commentary on the crucial role of art in our global society.

finding fela2

Fela’s passion for his music and epic crusade for his country’s future galvanized a generation of Africans and still stand as a compelling example of the transcendent power of creativity. A unique cinematic experience, Finding Fela is a tribute to every artist who has ever dedicated his or her imagination and personal charisma to unify, educate and motivate the world.imagination and personal charisma to unify, educate and motivate the world.


Finding Fela is in Cinemas across the UK from September 5. For Cinema listings, please go to findingfela.co.uk


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