Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Trailer: Your Thoughts Please?

by Fadekemi Azeezat Sulaiman


It’s here! The trailer we’ve all been waiting for… (no? ok maybe just us then).

Universal have finally released the trailer for hotly anticipated, controversial and supposedly sexed up movie Fifty Shades of Grey and our verdict? It’s good….but felt short of expectation.

The movie is based on the book written by author E L James about a shy young virgin who falls for a devastatingly handsome and powerful man who believe it or not has a penchant for whipping women’s bottoms.

It’s the sort of book very Mills and Boon reader would be familiar with only that the S&M gives it an extra oomph, with many dubbing it ‘mummy porn‘ after many mums and middle aged women took to the book like fish to water.

The trailer of course featured main characters Dakota Johnson (Ana) and Jamie Dornan (Mr Grey) with Dornan even sporting the famed slouched ripped jeans that made Ana supposedly giddy in some of the scenes.

We also caught a glimpse of the ‘red room of pain’ with Ms Steele writhing on the bed, while handcuffed in one of the scenes so at least we know they won’t be skimping much on details as was initially feared.

On the chemistry between the two- which is the premise on which the book was written, it just doesn’t jump out at you in the trailer, but then maybe this is just a coy plot to get us to even want to see the movie more to see how this it all plays out.

Either way, we’re still super excited and can’t wait till Valentine’s day when the movie hits cinemas.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think. Steamy enough for you?

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