Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Review: It’s not as bad as you think

by Azeezat F. Sulaiman


Before I begin this review, I owe it to you to tell you (unashamedly), that I was one of the millions of women who read the books the movie is based on and I actually enjoyed it. Cheesy lines and all.

Unlike the book- written by E L James, the movie has been the most hotly anticipated film of 2015 and is widely expected to ‘break the cinemas’ when those celebrating Valentine’s day descend on cinemas in the UK on the 14th.

Previous reviews have slammed the movie for being a ‘watered down’ version of the books, because there isn’t as much ‘S&M sex scenes’ as there are in the book.

But as all books, adapted for screenplay, one can hardly expect the film to reflect the book in its entirety, particularly this one, as some of the sex scenes in the book range from downright cringe worthy to borderline disgusting.

The film in my opinion actually delivered beyond my expectations. But then, I wasn’t expecting much to be honest- going by previous reviews.  The plot sticks mostly to that of the book, and the first few minutes start off sluggishly as Mr Grey and Anastasia Steele get to grips with the chemistry between them. But the film really gets off to a flying start- unsurprisingly, after the first sex scene.

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele is really quite phenomenal. She brings just the right amount of shy, coy, doe eyed girl to the character, but she still manages to ooze just the right amount of sex appeal to keep the chemistry between her and a rather dashing Jamie Dornan going. There have been a lot of praise for my Dornan who plays Sadomasochistic billionaire Christian Grey, but Ms Johnson is just as fit and her performance- even when being flogged while lying naked on a bench is flawless.

For those doubting whether or not the film would live up to expectations in depicting the erotic scenes in the book, contrary to media reports, you won’t be disappointed. There’s just about enough of that to tick all the boxes in the book, but it’s hardly what you’d call porn.

Perhaps what I enjoyed most about the movie- and this goes for the book as well, is the fact that beyond the S&M and crazy sex scenes, there’s a powerful love story between the characters and the film strikes the balance between both perfectly.

Fifty Shades of Grey is out now in UK cinemas.

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