“Feeling ourselves” like Nicki and Bey- Watch their new Video released exclusively on TIDAL

by NL Staff


The two goofiest babes in hip hop

When news broke yesterday that Bey and Nicki had dropped a brand new video a la ‘Flawless’ style on Jay Z’s music streaming site TIDAL, we like everyone else were super excited because ya’all know when these two collab, it’s always FIRE!

Unlike their last track together on the Flawless remix, this time, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj are giving us life with this new video with ‘Feeling Myself’.

Rolling around and chilling in inflatable tubs, wearing matchy matchy outfits and stuffing each others (fully made up) faces with burger, it’s just typical girlfriend behaviour, and it couldn’t be more catchy if they’d tried. These are two mega stars obviously showing their fans that they aren’t afraid to be goofy or to just go with the flow. The message is clear; it doesn’t matter how ‘normal’ or ‘silly’ what you’re doing is, it shouldn’t stop you from feeling like a million dollars.

Set against the backdrop of Coachella, the two superstars bring their unique selling points to the track- Nicki with her hypersexualised dance moves and outfits with Beyoncé providing serious swag and top vocals to match.

We can picture this being the next swag song this summer. Just picture yourself driving with your girls in your sunnies, hair and everything else on fleek while nodding to this beat. Hell yeah, you’re feeling yourself!


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