Featured Entrepreneur: Olumide Olusanya, CEO gloo.ng

Olumide Olusanya is a former Doctor who left his relatively comfortable job to pursue his dream of starting his own business.

Like most entrepreneurs, he saw a need when he observed how his wife struggled to juggle a busy career with keeping up with the demands of maintaining a household.

The entrepreneur was featured on CNN in their African Start Up column which features African entrepreneurs defying all odds to run and maintain a business in the challenging African economy.

Olusanya’s bright idea is a grocery store called ‘Gloo.ng’ coined from the word ‘Glue’ which he chose because he found that customers kept returning to his website, so, he concluded that the website had a Glue effect.

According to the bright and perky businessman who launched the online business with his wife, “Starting the business was like a gift of love from me to her (his wife). I saw the demands that trying to run our household at the same time as working was putting on her (and other Nigerian women) so I decided to do something to help”.

The interview was conducted on site at the couple’s 20, 000 sq ft warehouse which by the looks of it, has every grocery item any 21st century Nigerian woman would need on a weekly basis.

Olusanya also talked about challenges being faced by the business since launching a year ago. First, he had to go through a change of business name as the company was initially called ‘buycommonthings.com’ which the businessman himself admitted did not really have a catchy ring to it.

As every aspiring entrepreneur knows, your business name is almost everything. Get it right and you might just be on your way to success, get it wrong however, and you risk a very costly process in future when you have to change your name and branding.

For all the challenges faced by Nigerian businesses and Olusanya’s in particular, the entrepreneur seems quite hopeful for the future.

So we went ahead and had a look at the online store. It’s quite snazzy, clean and well laid out. Olusanya has clearly done his homework as gloo.ng would give Sainsbury’s a run for their money in terms of their online shopping experience.

Here’s hoping Gloo.ng becomes a household name in the Nigerian grocery shopping market. With the rise internet usage in Nigeria, he certainly has a great shot at it. Watch this space.

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