Fascist BNP expel former leader Nick Griffin- ‘For trying to cause disunity’

The British National party have expelled their former leader Nick Griffin, a former MEP.

A statement by party officials stated that, “We believe that, since being given the title of honorary president, you have put all your efforts into trying to cause disunity by deliberately fabricating a state of crisis.

“The aim of this was to again embroil the BNP in factionalism designed to destabilise our party.”

Griffin stepped down as party chairman for the anti immigrant, and anti integration party in July after 15 years at the helm. He was given the honorary title of party President since that time, but allegations of disruptive behaviour invluding fabricating lies against other party officials and literally being unruly.

It seems the former MEP is well versed in sowing seeds of discord in communities.

Nick Griffin led the party to marginal popularity during the last election with a divisive campaign inciting hate for the UK’s immigrant community in an attempt destabilise the country and foster disunity.

He lost his MEP seat in July and has now been declared bankrupt.

His party’s emergence paid the way for the likes of Ukip whose leader Nigel Farage claims his party is different from the BNP, but critics say the two parties have similar ideologies, particularly on immigration in the UK.

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