All Eyes On Pretoria As Oscar Pistorius Trial Begins

The world’s most famous paralympic athlete will go on trial tomorrow in Pretoria for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steemkamp on Valentines day last year.

Pistorius claims the incident was a devastating accident. According to him, he was only trying to protect both himself, and his girlfriend from what he thought was an intruder in his bathroom. After hearing a noise from the bathroom, the athlete made his way down the hallway from his bedroom and fired four shots at the closed bathroom door without wearing his prosthetic legs.

He insists he only realised it was his girlfriend in the bathroom after he returned to the bedroom and she wasn’t there.

The world media has literarily descended on Pretoria to cover the event, after the judge presiding over the case allowed unprecedented access to the coverage of the case in order to encourage transparency. The South African judicial system  is very similar to the Nigerian system as there’s no jury, therefore, Pistorius faith lies in the hands of the Judge.

The outcome of the case is thought to hinge squarely on how both the defense and prosecution manage to interprete the forensic evidence with some experts claiming the defense could take advantage of police blunders during the investigation to get the trial thrown.

The athlete is being represented by a formidable team of forensic experts and some of the best lawyers money can buy and the world will be watching to see how this case plays out.

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