Exclusive- Bridal Couture Designer Kosibah Reveals The Secret To Creating The Perfect Wedding Dress


Surrounded by rows of beautiful bridal and evening gowns, we could have died and gone to couture heaven


Couture Bridal Designer Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah recently invited us down to his North London studio for an exclusive chat about how he’s taken a brand he started in London in 1991 from strength to strength.

In an interview with our Features Editor Karine Laudort- Idonije, Kosibah shares tips on how he creates the show stopping pieces we’ve come to know and love him for, making him one of the most sought after designers for discerning brides to be both in Nigeria and the UK.

For someone who has received so many awards and recognition for his outstanding contribution to the fashion industry, Kosibah is endearingly humble and the passion he has for his work is simply inspiring.

You could scarcely write the history of Bridal couture in the UK and Africa without mentioning the designer who is best known for his uncanny ability to transform brides into curvaceous models with his figure enhancing dresses, which are all bespoke and made by hand.

A recent case in point being the stunning engagement dress worn by Sunny Nersian, Danny Andre (Peter Andre’s brother’s) fiancé, which was featured in OK! magazine. The bride to be was stunning in a Red gown embellished  with over 1440 hand affixed Swarovski diamanté crystals on a form-fitting bodice and textured fishtail skirt.

Hand Finished, form fitting silhouttes are what Kosibah is known for. Photo: Kosibah

Hand Finished, form-fitting silhouettes are what Kosibah is known for.
Photo: Kosibah

The beaming bride to be and her fiancée with Peter Andre on the OK! spread. Photo: Kosibah

The beaming bride to be and her fiancé with Peter Andre on the OK! spread.


It’s really not hard to see why brides love him and his work has been featured in countless bridal glossies and catwalks the world over. The attention to detail the designer gives to each client is incredible considering how much information he can grasp from asking a few targeted questions. “It’s amazing how much information I’m able to draw out from clients,” he says.

Part of the perks of wearing couture is the benefit of  a consultation where you can plan with the designer exactly how you want to look on the day- never mind the countless dress fittings that might involve, it’s all part of the process of creating  something that not only makes you look amazing, but also feel amazing, which is why a lot of women shell out the extra buck for their big day.

For Kosibah, the process is pretty simple, from asking just a few questions, he is able to produce a sketch (within minutes) of what a client wants.

“I don’t deal in dress sizes,” he says. “I deal in the individual. I ask myself , what can I do to flatter or accentuate the person in front of me.”

“They might come to me saying they haven’t got a clue what they want, but with questions about body issues, what they’re proud of or ashamed of, the venue of the event,” he tells us the client has unwittingly given him all the armour he needs to create a work of art.

Kosibah boasts of a celebrity following including actresses, supermodels and notable women, all of whom the designer says have something in common. “I would say the average Kosibah client is a woman who appreciates and knows the value of couture. Who wants something different without it veering into costume.”

“These are investment pieces that can transcend time,” says the designer.

Click on the video to watch the full interview.


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