Every Parent’s Nightmare- Shocking Video Of Nanny Abusing 18 month Old Child

A shocking video revealed by Daily Mail shows the moment a nanny violently throws a baby she was charged to look after unto his crib, causing him to shake violently.

The video was recorded via a hidden camera installed by the child’s parents Rowena and Jack Churchland after family concerns were raised about the nanny who the couple say came with glowing recommendations.

The shocking images captured by the secret camera will be sure to give any parent nightmares after watching the insensitivity displayed by the nanny towards the child she had been supposedly looking after for 15 months once a week.

Image credit: Inquisitr via dailymail.co.uk

Image credit: Inquisitr via dailymail.co.uk

The nanny who can’t be named for legal reasons could be seen carelessly tossing the child (Olly) in his crib in an effort to get him to sleep at a time when he was expected to be having lunch.

Instead of feeding him however, she hits him three times on the bottom causing his little body to shake. His head also allegedly hit the sides of the cot during the abuse.

The horrified couple have since taken the nanny to court for the incidence that happened in January 2013 where she admitted assaulting the child but denied intending to cause him any harm.

The nanny was found not guilty by a jury today leaving Olly’s parents feeling disappointed with the ruling.

Speaking to the BBC, Rowena (Olly’s Mother) said she felt that she’d let her son down and she wished she had been given a chance to give evidence during the trial so she could be ‘his voice’ and defend him.

The couple have made a complaint to the CPS and are awaiting a review of the case.

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