How We escaped- Two Former Captives Recount Their Ordeal At the Hands Of Boko Haram

The BBC Hausa service aired an interview with two Nigerian women who escaped captivity with Boko Haram insurgents in the North eastern part of Nigeria.

The two women, Janet 19 and Liatu 23 told the service how they watched the militants murder people including men and women right before their very eyes.

Janet who was captured when the terrorists invaded the Gwoza area of Borno state slaughtering residents, was held in a house where she was made to cook for the fighters. They also made her accompany them to the region whenever they went to fight the army on some of their raids.

The teenager narrated her terror at hearing bullets flying over her head as the terrorists battled the Nigerian army, adding that she’d sighted members of the Nigerian army several times while in captivity.

She told the BBC that the insurgents hid in caves and hills in the mountainous region, making it extremely difficult for the soldiers to find them.

She also said that the insurgents had a habit of digging holes to bury their dead before going out on a raid, while they killed any persons suspected to be working for the government.

Janet told how she made her lucky escape by feigning illness.

The insurgents reportedly suspected that she’d contracted HIV/AIDS and allowed her to seek medical help where she managed to break free.

She revealed that she actually knew the identity of most of her captures as they were all from her local area.

Liatu, the other survivor also recounts similar horrors that are sure to give anyone nightmares for a long time.

She was captured last year when the insurgents invaded her community, killing all the Muslims who worked for the local government.

The sect claimed that they had warned all Muslims in the area against working for the government.

She spent 12 days in captivity in Sambisa forest of Borno state, after being captured on the way to her village.

While she was held, she told how she was approached by members of the sect about the possibility of marrying one of them so she could convert to Islam.

She recounted witnessing the murder of up to 50 people whose throats were slit by the dreaded group especially those who refused to join in the group’s cause, stating that the group rarely used guns but preferred the use of knives.

The 23-year-old recounts her daring escape from the hands of her captives.

One of her fellow captives had suggested they make a run for it by stealing one of the vehicles in the camp.

Six people including Liatu, made off in a Volkswagen Golf stolen from the insurgents who chased them on motorbikes, shooting at the vehicle as they made their escape.

Fortunately, they managed to lose the insurgents as they got closer to town and had to abandon the vehicle in the forest as there was a curfew imposed.

It was only at this point that Liatu realized much to her horror, that three of her fellow escapees who sat at the backseat of the car had been shot dead during the pursuit.

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