Education Enthusiast Foluke Sangobowale Launches Book To Help Pre- teens Excel In Exams

Parents in Britain will be familiar with the struggle and painstaking effort it takes to prepare their 10-11 year olds for one of the most important exams in their lives…the 11+ exams.

The 11+ Exam is taken when a child is between the ages of 10 and 11 years old. However, the preparation for the exams start a lot earlier. Even parents residing abroad especially from Africa, Europe and Asia  are also taking advantage of the 11+ Exams  process to secure a high standard education that these Grammar and Independent schools offer in the UK.

Parents know the importance of these exams in getting their kids into the right school as this can set a child amongst the most elite networks that can change the course of their lives for the better no matter what background their parents are from.

Now, an education enthusiast Foluke Sangobowale has launched a book to help parents navigate these murky waters and get their kids into their school of choice. This would be of invaluable assistance to immigrant parents who are grappling with understanding the UK education system.

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Sangobowale draws from her personal experience with 11+ Exams to help other parents who may be caught up in the struggle. Many parents may find that they don’t have what may seem like the access to get their child into the best schools and therefore settle for the local schools no matter their reputation.

However, Foluke breaks down the “veil of secrecy” that has surrounded the 11+ process for years. She not only explains the difference between a Grammar school, Independent School and Comprehensive School, she also explains how to obtain scholarships, bursaries and grants from these top schools. Foluke also covers the reasons why you would want to send your child to such schools and offers very handy practical tips throughout the course of the book to help parents put the advice to action straight away.

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The book “11+ Exams – Parents! Get a Grip” is written in great informative structure that is very easy to digest. It’s the kind of book you can read in one go and later refer to when need be. It’s packed with easy, get up and go advice and lots of famous quotes to get your brain ticking in order to take action and get your child on the right path.

This book is definitely a survival guide,  a must-have in your reference library and you’ll be sharing it with your friends for many years to come.  Apart from being an author, Foluke Sangobowale also gives advice at seminars on this subject and other educational issues.

About the Author

Foluke Sangobowale is a married mother of three young children who has a passion for education and specialises in preparing children for entry to the UK’s top secondary schools.

Her interest in the 11+ exams stems from personal experience, having guided her son and other families through the process. She provides seminars, educational advice and support on this subject area.

Foluke holds a degree in Law (LLB Hons) from the University of Westminster UK and attended College of Law, London for her Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice. She also completed a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Leicester UK.

“11+ Exams – Parents! Get A Grip” retails at £7.99. The paperback and the Kindle e-book version  can be purchased  online from Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmiths. It’s also available from Foluke Sangobowale’s interactive website

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