What on Earth? Nicki Minaj Posts Photos of Self In Shower

It must be the fame or the money, but it does seem we haven’t seen the last of celebrities showing off assets that should be nicely hidden behind great clothes.

Rap star Nicki Minaj has joined her co singer Rihanna in the boob exposure stakes. The stars seem to be competing for the coveted prize of who can flash the most flesh and judging by the looks of these shots, Nicki has one over Rihanna.

The starship singer posted these photos on her Instagram page yesterday. The steamy shots appear to have been taken while the singer washed her in the shower.

We’re not quite sure if this is a publicity stunt or if the singer has suddenly gotten tired of all the bright coloured wigs and heavy make up. Or she probably wanted her fans to see her Au naturale? We wouldn’t blame her at all. Her former wig dealer is said to be suing the superstar for millions of dollars for alleagedly stealing his styles after they parted ways last year.

We have to say she does look much younger than her 31 years in this pic and who knew her natural hair was this long and lovely too?

Whatever the reason, it beats us sha.


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