Duchess of Cambridge send shoppers into a frenzy with £35 ASOS dress

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It’s called the celebrity effect people and it’s really quite fascinating to see how people react when their favourite celebs or personality wears a product that ordinary people can afford.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore this navy blue polka dot maternity wrap dress from ASOS to a charity event at the Brookhill Children’s Centre is South East London on Thursday and within minutes of being ‘spotted’ in it, the £35 dress was sold out in all sizes within minutes on the retailers website.

Kate stepping out in the £35 ASOS dress. Photo credit: Yahoo Lifestyle

Kate stepping out in the £35 ASOS dress. Photo credit: Yahoo Lifestyle

If you think the Kate effect is only limited to  the UK, then you’re wrong. A Koala bear gifted to Prince George during the Royal’s first trip down under last year equally sold out within minutes of the British heir being snapped with it. It’s no wonder then why brands scramble to get their products into the hands of celebs given the kind of reaction it elicits.

Kate listens attentively during visit to a children's centre in South east London. Photo: Today'sparent.com

Kate listens attentively during visit to a children’s centre in South east London. Photo: Today’sparent.com

Given that this particular number is a maternity one, that also tells us that there are an awful lot of pregnant women in Britain at the moment.

While the dress caused a stir, the real bombshell came when the Kate revealed her due date to a volunteer during the visit. We’re not sure if this was a slip up or deliberate revelation on the Duchess’ part, but the closely guarded secret is now out as she revealed her second child is expected around the end of April. If the baby happens to come late (which tends to happen a lot), then even Politicians may be subject to the Kate effect as the Royal birth will most likely steal the limelight from whoever wins the elections coming up on May 7.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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