Dr Dre crowned richest hip-hop artist by Forbes

With thanks to Apple buying out Beats, rapper Andre ‘Dr Dre’ Young’s earnings over the last two months have reached $620m in total, which is the highest of any musician that has been examined by Forbes.

The total completely overshadows that of Jay-Z’s $60m and Sean ‘Diddy’ `Young who are both now tied in second place. In fact, Dr Dre’s total is more than the income of the other 24 people on the list put together, and of any entertainer that has ever been evaluated by Forbes.

The $620m profit comes from the deal between him and tech giant Apple, who announced in May that they would be purchasing, Beats for $3billion, the headphone company Dre had co-founded with music executive Jimmy Lovine

Other members of the list include Drake, who came in fourth with $33million, but just a place on the list should keep him satisfied, since he once told Forbes “if I’m not on your list, I’d be gravely disappointed.”

Fifth place was also a tie, with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis holding it down with $32million, just beating Kanye West.

Forbes makes the list by looking at a person and their income from record sales, publishing, merchandise sales, tours and endorsements, and also getting information from managers, agents, lawyers and some of the artists. The earnings would be based on data from Pollstar, RIAA and Nielsen Soundscan.

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