“Don’t touch my girlfriend Mr President”- Inside the Obama love triangle

A man’s gotta protect his chic- even if it’s against the President of the United States


What do you do if you find your girlfriend voting right next to the President of the United States? Beg her to get an autograph for posterity? Ask for Pictures? Or even a job at the White House? What about telling the leader of the free world to BACK OFF from your girl?

That’s exactly what a voter in Chicago told Barack Obama as he stepped into the polling booth to cast his vote on Monday. The video has literally gone viral and you’ve got to feel sorry for the young lady Aia Cooper- who is the love interest in the middle of this triangle.

Obviously mortified by her boyfriend’s jibe at the President she said, “I’m so sorry Mr President”. But President Obama took it all in good spirits and even played along with it. Turning on the charm offensive, he told the visibly mortified Cooper, ‘There’s an example of a brother just embarrassing me for no reason, just for no reason whatsoever.” He then proceeded to suggest how she might retell the story to family and friends afterwards. ‘I can’t believe Mike, he is such a fool,” said the President.

Cooper’s boyfriend said he made the joke because the whole place was so silent (perhaps because everyone was watching the President vote?) and photographers were just snapping away, so he decided to lighten the mood.

That he sure did, but not before President Obama gave him real reason to be jealous by planting a firm kiss on his girlfriend’s cheeks!

Well played Mr President.

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