Doctors Break Unborn Baby’s Arm During Birth…..In Order To Save Her Life

A mother has told of the fear she felt while delivering her baby as she thought that she would die as a result of shoulder dystocia.

The condition usually occurs when a baby is big, resulting in one or both of the baby’s shoulders being stuck behind the mothers pelvis. The condition can be fatal.

Poppy screen who weighed 10lb 15oz, got stuck midway through delivery and doctors had to break her bones to free her in order to save her life.

Poppy’s mum, Lucy had gone into hospital after being induced with the hope of having a straight forward labour as this was her second child after having her first two years ago.

Labour progressed quickly, but things took a turn for the worst after Poppy’s head was delivered but the rest of her body was still stuck.

Lucy described the panic that ensued in the labour ward as medics worked to try to free the baby.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said,  ‘I could see people’s faces change as they tried to deliver the rest of her but they couldn’t.’

‘They kept moving me around and I was pushing with all my might but it made no difference.’

‘Alarm bells were ringing and people were running in and out like a scene from a film … I knew we were losing her because I could see tears in the eyes of one of the midwives. I begged them to do anything to save her,’ Mrs Screen said.

Thankfully, a fast thinking consultant was on hand, and made the split second decision to break her bones so that the baby could be delivered safely.

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail


It would take another agonising 12 minutes before Poppy took her first breath after medics didn’t give up her but kept performing CPR.

The new parents were warned that because Poppy had been starved of oxygen for so long, there was a risk that she could suffer brain damage.

She was transferred to a specialist hospital in Newport where she received pioneering cooling treatment to reduce the risk of brain damage.

Five weeks later, the new parents were allowed to take Poppy home. Today, she is a healthy eight month old baby and her parents cannot thank the medics enough for not giving up on their baby.

‘It felt like a miracle,’ says her mum.

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

‘She had almost died but all she had to show for it was a broken arm.’

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