Django Unchained Actress Danielle Watts and boyfriend charged with Lewd Misconduct

Did she cry wolf?


When actress Danielle Watts accused Police in Studio city in Los Angeles of racial profiling last month after her and her boyfriend Brian Lucas were arrested following a brief encounter with the police, the black community rallied behind her to criticise the force and question race relations in the US.

Now, it appears the pair were indeed out of line as Police have actually proceeded to charge both with a single count of misdemeanour. a sentence which carries a maximum sentence up to 6 months in Jail and a $1, 000 fine.

The case went viral last month after Watts 28, posted on her Facebook page that Police assumed she was a prostitute while investigating reports of lewd conduct as she and Lucas (who is white) were only kissing in the parked Mercedes-Benz. In between sobs, she told police officers in LA she knew her rights and insisted they were being maltreated because she was black and her boyfriend was white.

In a recording of the incident obtained by Daily Mail, the actress sobbed on the scene, expressing her frustration on the officers whom she called racist.

‘You’re not the one in handcuffs, you’re not the one who’s spent your life being called a n*****, and growing up in the South and now I get the cops called on me,” she said.

She continues, ‘I’m an actress at this studio! I’m in a major sitcom and I’m still being put in handcuffs because I’m making out with my boyfriend.’

Police insist they followed protocol after receiving a 911 call drawing attention to the pair’s misconduct in the City. They also said that Watts refused to provide identification to the officer, hence why she was handcuffed briefly.

The pair will be arraigned on November 13th, both maintain they were only making out and not having sex when they were arrested.

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