Dizzee Rascal takes a dig at the ‘Facebook’ generation in new video for ‘Pagans’

Subtle shade at the new generation of youths


If you’re going to watch Dizzee’s new video for ‘Pagans’, best make sure the kids are nowhere near, and that you’re certainly not at work. The latest eccentric piece from the grime master, ‘Pagans’ is nowhere near as off putting as his blood spewing Halloween video, but it’s certainly just as ‘out there’.

It’s hard to concentrate on the lyrics- which are actually very good, without the ‘Jackie Chan’ meets ‘Bruce Lee’ wannabe type visuals grabbing your attention. Dizzee is obviously mad at society as we have it with digs at what he calls the ‘Facebook generation’, with subtle shades thrown at MTV for their teen show- 16 and Pregnant. Perhaps, his most memorable line in the song (and it’s actually at the very beginning) comes when he says, “I don’t speak the Queen’s English, but I’m British”.

Looks like the grime master is trying to reinvent himself as some sort of maverick, we get that. The videos on the other hand….not so much.

Watch Pagans on Noisey.com now

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