Dencia Takes ANOTHER Dig At Lupita: ‘I want to be Rich And Famous Not Broke And Famous’

You probably won’t be as excited as we were when we heard that African/American pop star Dencia a.k.a Lupita’s nemesis was on our side of the Atlantic, but boy were we excited!

There’s no way Dencia would be in town without us getting our hands ( and ears) full of gossip.

The half Cameroonian half Nigerian singer almost took over UK TV airtime, appearing on two TV shows in one night almost simultaneously.

Wearing a red jumpsuit from her own clothing line and a pair of Versace Shoes, she was a guest on the red sofa on the LiveAtBattersea show on Vox Africa which also had Jim Iyke, Moelogo and DJ Edu as guests. Almost immediately, she also appeared on Channel 4 News.


LiveAtBattersea Show host Adesope Olajide asked her about whitenicious and how she felt about the whole furore with Oscar-winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o.

“Whitenicious is a dark spot remover that has been selling like crazy, thanks to the media,” she said.

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‘Everybody needs whitenious in their lives especially if you have acne or hyper pigmentation and it’s such an amazing cream.’

Asked if the product was a bleaching cream, Dencia said, ‘It’s a 30ml or 60ml product, whitenicious will bleach you just like any other spot removing cream out there, but I made it in a size that will not, you can’t use it all over your skin. Unless you’re rich enough to buy 10 of them.’

The singer accused the media of using her cream to foster anti dark skin sentiments within the Afro-carribean community. She says the media has twisted the message of the product from a spot remover to a bleaching product, and doesn’t understand why there’s so much fuss over the cream.

“I’m a strong Christian and if whitenicious is a bleaching product, and we’re lying to people about it, I don’t think God will bless me for it to sell out in 24 hours.’



















On why she looks lighter now than she did before, she says she’s got a tan on as she’s currently filming a reality TV show. Dencia told the host that beneath the tan, her skin is actually lighter, but insisted that she was not interested in using her own skin colour to market the product.

Adesope then asked the million dollar question about how she felt when Lupita mentioned her in a letter written to her by a fan who was struggling with her dark skin.

Dencia’s reaction was hilarious. She couldn’t even bothered to pronounce Lupita’s name.

“First of, I can’t even pronounce her name…..” she said.

‘Black people are always trying to bring each other down. I’ve got amazing things that I’m doing, supporting various charities but I don’t talk about it. Look at her, what is she doing? what does she stand for?’

‘I’ve also received letters from my clients thanking me for whitenicious and about that letter, there was no letter, someone from her team emailed me to say there was no letter’

‘Personally, I don’t care about her or what her story is. Quite frankly, I thank her for the publicity”, she concluded.

While on Channel 4, Dencia was about to be put on the hot seat, yet again. Why she puts herself through this, we’ll never know….free publicity?

She held her own through a tough gruelling interview where she again had to defend her product, insisting that the media was making it controversial when it wasn’t.

Also on the panel was Black Role Models UK founder, Phinna Ikeji who accused the singer of sending out the wrong message to young girls, that having darker skin would get them nowhere in the society.

Dencia replied that she wasn’t to blame for whom anyone chose to make their role models, pointing out that parents were ultimately responsible for how their children were raised.

“If you pick someone as your role model, pick out the good things about the person, not their shortcomings she said.”

The singer said it all really when she told LiveAtBattersea host, Adesope Olajide, ‘I wanna be rich and famous, not broke and famous’.

She’s a business woman at the end of the day and while we don’t necessarily agree with her personal choices, Dencia strikes one as a business woman who’s been misunderstood (albeit thanks to a bad PR team).

She’s created a product for removing dark spots and has said so a million times, with the quantity that it comes in, you would need a lot of it to bleach your skin.

The issue of skin bleaching is a very controversial one. On the one hand, you have young girls exposing themselves to the dangers of skin cancer and other health risks because they think it will make them more beautiful. It’s not a new trend and it certainly didn’t start with Dencia.

As unfortunate as it is that women of colour feel disadvantaged because of their skin colour, it all stills come down to choice. Everyone has a right to do whatever they chose with their skin or body and if people chose to bleach their skin, we may not agree with it, condone it or even like it, but it’s their choice.

The more we pick on women like Dencia, the more we glamorise the exact stigma we’re trying to expunge.


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