David Cameron expresses UK readiness to fight Islamic State

David Cameron is set to talk with his cabinet at noon on Thursday to prepare for a debate in the Commons where he will state to MPs that the UK is ready join a war agains Islamic State in Iraq.

Currently the prime minster has the support from the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats to join the coalition air strikes by this weekend, provided that they are confined to Iraq, where the democratically elected government specifically asked Britain to intervene.

To the PM, this provided a “clear basis in international law of action”.

Speaking at the United Nations in New York, Mr Cameron described the barbarity of the Isis militants as “medieval”.

“The conflict in Iraq and Syria is shocking the world with its barbarity,” he said. “The cruelty being meted out-beheadings, eyes being gouged out, rape- is horrific. It is literally medieval in character.”

The prime minister has also backed a UN resolution which imposes global travel bans on foreign fighters planning to join overseas conflicts, especially since 500 people from the UK had travelled to fight in Iraq and Syria.

However Cameron has still made clear that does not believe that Western countries should send ground troops in to fight, but did support airstrikes, and also equipping, training and supporting those “fighting on the front line for their societies and for their freedom.”

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