Chris Brown Stokes Ebola Conspiracy Theory- Says “It’s A Form Of Population Control”

by Teniola Shobowale

Here we go Again


On Monday, RnB rapper Chris Brown, who is no newbie to controversial issues expressed his thoughts on twitter to his 13.7 million followers proclaiming that the deadly virus- which has so far killed over 4,000 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, is not a natural disease. He claims that the disease is manufactured by the government to control the world’s rising population.

Chris Brown expressed his conspiracy theory in a tweet,“I don’t know … But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. S**t is getting crazy bruh.”

3 minutes after his post the rapper posted another tweet saying, ‘Let me shut my black ass up,” in what looks to be an attempt to apologize for the insensitive remark or just to emphasize to a greater extent on his conspiracy theory.

Many fans expressed disbelief, one fan simply just tweeting “seriously?’ However, some fans also agreed expressing how scary the virus is.

The World Health Organisation has called the outbreak “the most severe, acute health emergency seen in modern times” and there are now fears that disease will sooner or later spread to countries such as the UK and US.

The rapper’s tweet is still online and has being retweeted by over 20,000 fans. If you think Riri’s ex’ outburst is bozarre, it appears he isn’t the only celebrity who thinks this is a conspiracy theory. Chris Brown and Katie Hopkins have bonded over their similar ideas. Last week telly personality Katie Hopkins sparked outrage after she declared that the deadly virus Ebola is an effective means to control population. Katie is still being highly criticized. Many found her theory insensitive as it came as Britain just sent 750 troops to Sierra Leone to try and tackle the killer disease.

Hopkins said, “I rather admire the efficiency of Ebola. From a Malthusian and marketing perspective, it is beyond reproach.”

We know she thrives off controversy, but sometimes, perhaps it’s best not to make a comments on such touchy subjects?

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