Chelsea Handler Mocks Kim Kardashian’s Attempt to ‘Break The Internet’ with her own semi nude selfie

More like a dent than a break

Kim Kardashian must have been smiling slyly, along with the Editors at Paper magazine when they shot the cover for the magazine’s winter issue with Kim’s famous ass on display. They were so confident in the power of that derriere that they (incorrectly) predicted that the mere sight of Kim Kardashian’s booty would ‘Break the Internet’. Well how wrong were they.

Kim Kadashian (and her arse) on the cover of Paper magazine Winter issue. Photo:

Kim Kadashian (and her arse) on the cover of Paper magazine Winter issue. Photo:

After Paper magazine released the cover for their latest issue showing Kim smiling rather foxily with her dress dropped around her knees to reveal her well oiled, super toned bottom, it was safe to assume that the photo would prove both controversial and very popular. Did it go viral? Oh yes. Did it break the internet? Not quite.

What it did do was unleash a wave of internet memes, something that is very common with literally everything nowadays, even when you get it right. Judging from the Social media response, we’re not sure the magazine nor Kim expected the direction the whole thing has taken as there seems to be more mockery than appreciation- not that Kim needs any introduction to either.

The most daring take by far on the now infamous cover is Chelsea Handler’s cheeky Instagram post. The chat show host posted a photo of herself in the bathroom, with her pants pulled down to reveal her bottom, with an even cheekier caption, mocking the reality star.

In a move, clearly challenging Instagram’s no nudity policy, Handler goads the network. “Can you believe more than 2 ass can fit on the same screen? Guess which one’s real. Your move, instagram.”

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