Cheap and Cheerful Britain: Shoppers ditch M&S For Primark

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The popularity of Primark seems to be rising more and more each year as the high Street chain once again posted a remarkable 22% rise in sales while like for like sales rose by 5%. This is in contrast to the fortunes of rivals, Marks and Spencer who posted an 8.9% drop in profits in the same period.

This is despite Primark suffering a huge PR disaster recently after being involved in the disaster involving the deaths of hundreds of workers at one of their Bangladesh supplier’s factory. M&S on the other hand have spent millions on a high profile campaign involving A listers including Helen Mirren which has yet to translate into an increase in sales on the shop floor.

So what is it that Primark is doing right that other retailers need to learn? Many believe it’s a simple case of cheaper price points and Primark’s wider appeal. Considering we’re in the middle of a recession, it’s no wonder than consumers are choosing price over quality.

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