Channel 4 in development of drama about Islamic State recruits

Channel 4 are in the process of developing a drama about British Muslims who sign up to fight for the militant group Islamic State.

Directing of the programme will go to Peter Kosminsky, British writer and director, who has worked on Wuthering Heights (1992), The Government Inspector (2005) and Britz (2007). Channel 4 stated that they chose him because looking on his previous work he had “an unrivalled track record of tackling sensitive subject matter.”

Before writing the drama, Kosminsky will conduct “an extensive six-month research process” into the subject.

The drama is currently untitled and is in the “very early stages of development” according to Channel 4 but should be released in 2016. A spokeswoman from the channel said that the drama will “seek to cast light on why a small number of British-born Muslims might be tempted to travel to Syria or Iraq to live in and fight for the self-declared Islamic State (IS).”

Islamic State (IS or Isis) are a radical Islamist group that has seized large amounts of land in eastern Syria and across northern and western Iraq, with the intention of establishing their own Islamic Caliphate.

An estimated number of more than 12,000 foreign nationals from about 80 countries have travelled to Syria to fight for the group over the last three years.

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