Carolina Herrera Spring 2015 NYFW

New York fashion Week has seen Carolina Herrera truly branch out (pardon the pun) and create a true botanical banquet – she turns her hand to edgy digital prints as well as feminine silhouettes to please her customers,  but to also create the ‘newness’ she believes fashion requires.

Against the stiff cream and white material of the simple dresses, she experiments with deconstructing the traditional flower – through pixilation and blurring she creates graphic dimensional prints. The simple structuring of the dresses allowed the decoding of the flowers to take center stage. Herrera calls this mixture of the white and graphic “very seductive and feminine’ this is reinforced through the rich colours chosen: reds in deep shades, flashes of neon and purple.



The pixellated florals with rectangular bars of ombré hues were a hit

In another botanical restructuring, the designer uses classic flower shapes: the rose, tulip, magnolia and gardenia but modernizes the shapes – splicing their forms into silhouettes and putting them against neutrals in a light tan shade.

The shirt collars were often molded high to elongate the body, the boxy fit somehow fit with the feminine skirts that were featured. We loved the subtle chiffon throughout some of the shirts.


White was all over the catwalk

After 34 years in fashion Carolina Herrera still gets it right


What caught our eye was the bursts of red that featured.  The red gowns had mixed shape- some had the classic loose feminine maxi shape, the box fit dresses were splattered with beadings and mirrored the shape of the kimono.

The colours were fit for spring: deep reds and cream

The colours were fit for spring: deep reds and cream


“It’s an uncomplicated collection,” said Mrs. Herrera, “very simple lines with important details. It’s very much for now.” The designer expresses this through the accessible pieces, the skater skirt, the boxy top and skirt, all are pieces that can be found in our wardrobes. She uses these pieces but with splashes of modern. She uses variations of crepe and linen to change classic silhouettes, leaving them loose and flowing. The muted yellow and geometric florals epitomize her collection – a mix of the old and the new, with a heavy focus on the botanical.

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