Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is Surprisingly Good- Movie Review

Anyone who saw the first installment of Captain America would have probably gone with the forgone conclusion that the do gooder was essentially….the most boring Marvel superhero of all the lot.

One of the many movies based on the Marvel comic series, Captain America kinda got his Mojo back in Avengers Assemble but it was obvious Iron Man clearly ruled in the land of super cool bad ass super heroes.

When the much-anticipated sequel to Captain America finally premiered, what one expected was a good film, with  Chris Evans kicking ass and throwing his impenetrable shield at some villains, most probably from the dreaded ‘Hydra’ group who suspiciously share the same salutation with Nazi’s and even dress like them.

What you get however, in Captain America: The winter soldier is a really really cool upgrade of the franchise.

Captain America finally gets some great fighting scenes that will literally leave you hanging off your seats with both excitement and trepidation.

Unlike the first movie, which was set mainly against the back drop of world war II, Captain America: The winter soldier is very much in the present, making the super hero a very improbable but dashing 95-year-old.

The film touches on issues of internet security which is very much relevant in this day and age and how our information can be harvested by security and government agencies to create technology that could easily wipe out millions of people with the touch of a button.

There are plots and sub plots and the suspense is taut throughout the film which also features a lot of impressive computer generated effects.

Scarlet Johansson makes her return as the black widow, and when one is not busy appreciating just how well her combat suits fit, one will notice how much of a great actress she really is especially when playing a super hero sidekick.


She brings just the right amount of mystery, sarcasm and ummph, to the otherwise placid personal life of Captain America. There are moments in the film where one wonders whether the pair will date or not, you know the typical Hollywood by line where the hero always falls for the heroine, but thankfully directors Anthony and Joe Russo spared us the predictable.

Great cameos by the falcon (Anthony Mackie) brings an exciting twist into the film which is both unexpected and thrilling.

Samuel L. Jackson is betrayed and assassinated and our hearts were broken in scenes that can only be described as jaw dropping. It’s amazing what cars in movies can do (think Bat-Mobile), from resisting heavy gun fire to driving themselves and almost even flying off the ground.

This sequel gives Captain America bragging rights as a super hero who can not only wield a shield handsomely, but can pull down fighter jets from the sky without so much as scratch.

Not quite Iron Man or X-Men….yet, but this is a must see movie for any Marvel buff out there. Even if you aren’t a comic lover….it’s still outstanding value for the odd £8.

Go see it.


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