Calais Immigration Official Calls For Britain to Share Border Crisis

Photo: Reuters


The head immigration officer at Calais is calling for the migrant camp at the port to be moved to Britain for a month so that the UK can also feel the burden the town is suffering from the number of immigrants living in the camp.

Phillipe Mignonet also said they were considering issuing free ferry tickets to illegal immigrants from Calais to Dover in a bid to ease the precarious condition of the camp.

Mignonet said that the camp was collapsing under the sheer influx of thousands of  immigrants from Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia who are looking to come to the UK in the hope of seeking asylum and starting a new life in the UK.

According to Sky News, violence erupted last night at the camp where there have been growing tensions between Eritrean and Sudanese migrants. The camp was meant to be demolished after a court order to dismantle it expire yesterday.

The camp is said to be buckling under the pressure as migrants live in squalid conditions while waiting for the perfect opportunity to escape to Britain with an estimated 25 making it past border security daily.

Chief immigration officer Mignonet said, ‘What we want to do is buy the migrants ferry tickets to Britain and let them deal with the problem,’ adding that more than 30 already make their way across the Channel every day.

‘We want the border to be moved from Calais to Dover and Folkestone for one month so Britain understands how difficult the problem is.’

He also added that the town was getting no help from the EU on managing the camp and numerous attempts by the town’s mayor to
contact French President Francois Hollande and David Cameron have been unsuccessful.

With the opening of the border to Italy by Libya, an expected 5, 000 immigrants are expected to make the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean descend on the camp before the end of the year.


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