Calais Immigrant Crisis Intensifies As Mayor Urges Human Blockade

The migrant camp in Calais, also known as the jungle. Photo:


The Mayor of Calais has once again expressed frustration at the British Government over what it calls a lack of empathy and disregard for the growing immigrant crisis in the port of Calais.

The number of immigrants mainly from North Africa making their way to the port in an attempt to make it into Britain have grown steadily in the past year and it is thought to be in thousands at the summer.

Reports of squalid conditions and lack of food and shelter for the migrants fuel unrest and desperation to take sometimes dangerous measures to cross the border into the UK.

On Wednesday, hundreds of migrants tried to force their way unto a ferry en route Britain with workers forced to repel them with fire extinguishers in a bid to prevent them from boarding the vessel.

Holidaymakers making their way back home from trips to Europe have also told of their experience seeing migrants attempt to jump on lorries and even cars in desperation.

Mayor Natasha Bouchant has now urged locals in the town to form a human blockade to stop migrants from using the town as a crossing to Britain as the town was struggling to cope under the pressure.

“My proposal to block the port still remains,” she said.

“We are sick of not being listened to. There needs to be a realisation that the people of Calais have suffered in this situation for 12 years. Until now we have had no help, no word of compassion and no support. It is time for the UK government to take responsibility.”

Admitting that such a measure would be illegal, Bouchant insisted that Britain’s nonchalance towards the situation at the expense of locals was also not legal.

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