Too Busy To Train Our Kids? Survey Shows Children Over 5 Still Attend School In Nappies

According to a survey commissioned by Sky News for the National Foundation for Educational Research, hundreds of children over the age of 5 attend school, still wearing nappies.

The survey which sampled 602 primary school teachers and 561 secondary teachers revealed a worrying trend amongst children even up to 15 years who are still not potty trained despite approaching puberty.

One in ten seniour staff and Head Teachers questioned said that at least one child between the ages of five and seven had come to school in a nappy during the past year.

Five percent of the classroom teachers surveyed also said that at least one child had come to school in a nappy in the time period.

Without any medical conditions, or health reasons responsible for children beyond reception not being potty trained, parents have come under fire as experts blame the busy work schedule of most parents for the lack of time and effort in ensuring that their children are potty trained BEFORE they start school.

Anne-Marie Middleton who runs a programme at a school in Kent which helps to toilet train pupils told Sky News that many pupils are understandably too embarrassed to admit that they still wear nappies and can’t use the bathroom unaccompanied.

“We find that more and more  children have an issue with toilet training further up the school,” she said.

“I know of one 11-year-old who has to wear pull-ups at night. It can really place a strain on teachers. It stops lessons.”

She adds that apart from the lack of toilet training, many pupils struggle with basic life skills such as holding their cutlery properly or using a paint brush. 

Another expert Janet Marsh, a Teacher from Dover warned that the situation was very serious and needs to be addressed.

‘There are children who miss 25 per cent of their education in reception because they’re being taken out to be changed. How are they going to catch up?’ She said.



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