Brits aren’t taking the holiday of their dreams because of money worries

Admit it- We’re all guilty of it, envying friends going to exotic destinations when WE can’t afford it..


The scene– There you are minding your own business, when your ‘friend’ sashays towards you gushing about having just booked a holiday to the destination of your dreams. The sad part is that even though you’re secretly fantasising about telling them to buzz off, you have to smile and say how nice for them it is to be going away when you know the closest you’ll be getting to going away is a trip to Brighton.

Fear not, for you’re not alone in this ‘Holiday frienvy’ universe. According to a recent survey by my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard®, over two thirds of Brits experience holiday envy, with 66% admitting the green-eyed monster makes an appearance when friends reveal their holiday plans. Sadly, for a quarter of would-be holidaymakers, at least two of their friends have already visited their coveted dream destination….what a bummer.

The survey of 2000 Brits, found that money is the main obstacle, with 72% of Brits citing their ideal holiday spot is just too expensive to visit, with almost a third (29%) estimating it would set them back between £1000 – £2000 per person, while a fifth believe it would cost over £3000 each.

With city breaks now proving just as popular as beach trips for holidaymakers[1], culture crazy Brits have named Rome as their most sought-after European city destination (22%), while New York tops the list of dream city destinations worldwide (42%). Other cities on the wish list include Sydney (39%), Prague (18%) and Tokyo (28%).

Our insatiable thirst for discovering other cultures is mostly what motivates us to want to visit these exotic destinations. While it gives us great pleasure to browse Holiday booking websites for our dream getaway, it however appears the reality  of everyday life sets in before we shell out thousands as apparently, 32% of us back out of booking the Holiday of our dreams when we get to the payment stage.

According to my Travel Cash, going on your dream holiday needn’t cost the world. The agency advises that by being savvy about your choice of destination, Brits can save a lot.

Myles Stephenson, CEO of my Travel Cash commented: “From our research, we found that many British tourists consider certain holiday destinations to be unreachable. With 53% of those surveyed advising that cost was the main priority when choosing a holiday destination, leading them to put off booking that dream trip.  Yet we know that delving deeper into exploring the costs at the holiday destination can uncover opportunities to travel to these destinations without the hefty price tag.

“The strength of the pound against major currencies such as the Euro and US Dollar means Brits can get great value for money in many city destinations. European city breaks in particular are perfect for long weekends and shorter trips. For those looking at destinations further afield, shopping around and being smart with purchases can be really effective in minimising the cost of the trip.”

Top 6 dream cities people don’t think they’ll ever get to visit (Europe):


1) Rome

2) Prague

3) Vienna

4) Amsterdam

5) Helsinki

6) Paris


Top 6 dream cities people don’t think they’ll ever get to visit (rest of the world):


1) NYC

2) Sydney

3) Tokyo

4) Vancouver

5) Toronto

6) LA


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