British Airways Flight Forced to Land in Spain After Woman Goes Into Labour On A Flight From Abuja To London

A British Airways flight which took off in Abuja on the 2nd of May had to make an emergency landing after a Nigerian woman went into labour while the plane was 36, 000Ft above sea level.

The woman named as Ujunwa Eneh Ozeh gave birth to a baby boy in the business class section of the plane after she unexpectedly went into labour at just 26 weeks into her pregnancy.

Mrs Ozeh who was travelling with her one- year- old daughter at the time was on the Heathrow bound flight en route Washington DC in the US, where she claims to have intended to spend the summer months before returning to Nigeria.

The Plane landed momentarily at the Spanish Island resort of Palma De Mallorca so mother and baby could receive emergency care on the advice of the female doctor who volunteered to deliver the baby with the help of the cabin crew who were also trained in birthing procedures.

Mother and baby are said to be doing fine and the new mum will be discharged on Monday, while little Michael who is currently in intensive care, will remain in hospital until August in order to allow him develop properly as he was born so prematurely.

Mrs Ozeh whose first child Nnedinma was born in the US denied claims that she was flying into the US to have her baby as this is very popular amongst the growing Nigerian middle class.

According to the Daily Mail, the new mum said, ‘I was going for the summer, Michael was not due until August, there is no way I would be able to stay in the United States until August. I had a return ticket to Nigeria booked for May 28, so I intended to stay for a few weeks and then go home.’ 

Speaking of her shock on being told by the Doctor that she was in labour, she says, ‘I just wasn’t thinking that I could be in labour, I couldn’t imagine it. When the doctor told me that the baby was coming, I went into total shock, I can’t really remember, I wasn’t able to think clearly.’

Mrs Ozeh’s husband who is a business man in Nigeria is currently trying to arrange a visa to Spain so he can be with his family as soon as possible.



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