Brazil Suffer Humiliating Exit From World Cup With 7-1 Loss to Germany

Distraught Brazilian fans


They were scenes of despair at Belo Horizonte last night as Brazil crashed out of the 2014 world Cup in spectacular style.

The football nation- and hosts, were gradually and methodically decimated by a merciless and calculating German side who thrashed them with 7 goals, only grudgingly conceding one goal in the 85th minute.

The host nation’s hopes of making this world cup tournament a 5th win was inadvertently dashed after Germany scored 4 goals in the short space of 15 minutes during the first half.

The side, missing their star player Neymar, made a few attempts at putting a goal in the German net, but were repeatedly fobbed off by a strong German defence who were furious after Brazil eventually managed a goal in the 85th minute.

The height of the humiliation came as Brazilian fans began to leave the stadium after the first half, unable to watch the unbelievable spectacle before them. The ones who did stay on; some of whom wept in despair as Germany thumped the side with a further 2 goals in the second half.

It is thought that the result- the worst ever suffered by the football mad country may have resultant psychological effects on the players with many experts predicting that the disastrous outcome could lead to widespread public unrest as pockets of violence were already being reported last night before the game had even ended.

Brazil’s exit comes amidst claims of a lack of preparedness by the country for the world cup with reports of uncompleted venues and some infrastructures collapsing just before the start of the tournament.

The country’s leadership has also come under fire with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets to protest the huge amount of money spent in hosting the world cup while many continue to wallow in poverty amidst job cuts and unemployment.

The country are also host nations for the 2016 Olympics scheduled to take place in Rio.

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