Botox in a bottle? Swisscode and celebrity skin guru Lee Garrett may have the answer…

by Christiana Goodsurgeonguide


Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting one of Harley Street’s and the aesthetic industry’s reputable Mr Nice – Lee Garrett at the Swisscode pressday.

Lee is reputed to not only to be on a variety of actors, presenters and musicians emergency call list, but also to really know his scientific stuff when it comes to all things anti ageing and optimum skin health. And today I get to interview him for Naija living about the launch of Swisscode. A new innovative skincare collection developed by Scientists in Switzerland.

What’s interesting about Lee Garrett launching Swiss code at his Flagship Freedom Health in Harley Street is that Lee is very particular about the products he prescribes to his A –list clients. I was keen to find out how Swisscode leap frog ahead of all the other products that would jump at the chance of being found at Freedom Health?

“It’s a no brainer,’ says Lee with his piercing blue eyes and flawless skin.

‘The ingredients are 100% natural using plant stem cell. Plants have developed an innate defence to counteract environmental stress. By taking the plant at the earliest stage before its exposed to the environmental factors and harnessing its powers in its purest form.”

“So that means this product isn’t a mix of a few ingredients that are all good for you. Its one pure ingredient that works with your current regime and boosts the efficacy of everything you are currently using. No preservatives, no parabens, No alcohol”

The Swisscode Pure is a medically assisted product range, though a refreshing point I learnt is Swisscode welcomes you to integrate their pure offering with your existing routine, although only under the advise of a qualified medical practitioner who understands the ingredients. So active are the serums and gels users must be aware of contra indications of other products used and pre-existing conditions.

Photo: Christiana Goodsurgeonguide

Photo: Christiana Goodsurgeonguide

The winner in the pack from Swiss code is the instant beautifier Dyna lift HYA.  This ‘only in emergencies’ serum delivers you from saggy baggy eyes and ‘nuurh’ skin back to top form tightness and lift that keeps you ahead of the game and lies for you for up to 4 hours.

My personal favourite is the 100% Hylaron, now to those of you who don’t know, Hyaluron is a good thing naturally produced by all the cells in the body. It helps retain moisture and builds protection away from the everyday impurities that irritate the skin causing enlarged facial pores, wrinkles and a whole carrycase of other ageing problems. What I‘m thrilled to learn is Swisscode produce 100% Hyaluron in this precious dropper available for less than sixty pounds.

We look forward to trialling it and sharing the results with the Naija living readers.

For more information on Swisscode visit or for a
consultation with Lee

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