Book Review: ‘Healthy Living With Amara Kanu’

While most 18 year olds were planning their gap year or thinking about what to study at Uni, Amara Kanu was getting married. Not just your average marriage either, at the time of her wedding to Nigeria’s super star striker Kanu Nwankwo, he was one of the most sought after names in African football.

Fourteen years has passed since then. Now a mother to 3 children, an architect, entrepreneur and mentor, Kanu can also now add Author to her growing list of achievements. In her new book, ‘Healthy Living with Amara Kanu‘, the 30 year old chronicles how she’s managed to stay not just fit and healthy; given her busy lifestyle, but also how to achieve a balanced lifestyle through mental well-being.
The book is relatable; particularly for busy working mums in this internet age juggling multiple priorities, time-poor, perpetually stressed and thanks to social media, constantly in search of the ‘perfect look’.

Written in Amara’s straight talking, no nonsense approach to fitness, the message is simple-  looking good and keeping fit is hard work, and unless you’re ready to put in the hours and dedication, it ain’t gonna happen. Queue chapters on discipline, food choices and positivity.

In fact, she says she doesn’t actually take on new clients into her AK Healthy fitness group unless she feels you’re good and ready psychologically for the journey ahead.

Using her own experiences managing her husband’s heart condition and her mother’s irritable bowel syndrome, Amara navigates the waters from how to stay fit by eating the right kinds of food, to tips on making the right choices and why your current diet may not be working.

Included in the book is a also a helpful daily work out guide with pictures which is really useful if you haven’t got a work out DVD at your disposal. Put simply, healthy living with Amara Kanu is a testimonial on keeping your sanity and your health and well being in a world where keeping your head above the noise can sometimes be a challenge.

If there’s any book that could inspire and jump start your fitness journey, this is the one.

“HEALTHY LIVING WITH AMARA KANU is available to buy on, and, priced at £12.99 (self-published, Papilo Consulting Services)”

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