Boko Haram on Rampage Again

The Islamist militant group responsible for the spate of killings that have plagued the North Eastern part of Nigeria; Boko Haram on Saturday were suspected to have carried out another horrifying attack in the remote village of Izge in Borno State.

Eye witnesses recount stories of sporadic shootings and gun toting fighters killing everyone they came across leaving about 90 villagers dead.

According to the Wall Street Journal; ‘The purpose of many of these village raids, including Saturday’s, appears in part to be food. As the sect’s war with government increasingly escalates into full-scale conflict for control of territory in Nigeria’s northeast, analysts and Nigerian military officials say Boko Haram is struggling to maintain supplies of food.’

The on going attacks in rural areas in states such as Borno and Adamawa States have seen the militant group killing both Christians and Muslims alike with the Nigerian Military attempting to regain control of the region.

According to some sources, it does seem that the group carries out an attack right after a Military offensive and the North Eastern region of Nigeria has seen an increase in violent attacks recently.

With the state of emergency imposed on these states and current events, it might be time to ask if the Nigerian Army is fighting a loosing battle with Boko Haram, even as residents of these rural areas flee from the fighting into neighbouring towns and villages.

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