Blog- 40 Predictable Responses I get Whenever I Call Out Racism- Ava Vidal

Comedienne and Telegraph Columnist Ava Vidal, has compiled a list of the common stereotypes people of colour face in Britain’s multicultural society.

It’s hilarious, but it also goes to show that there is certainly a problem here.

This article was culled from Ava’s column in the Telegraph.

1) Why are you complaining about stop and search? If you’re innocent you have nothing to worry about. Anyway, you lot commit most of the crimes.

2) America has a black president!

3) The officer was only doing his job. What makes you think that the police are racist? They are here to protect you.

4) If you would just be complicit in your harassment it would make it easier.

5) It has happened to me and I am white.

6)) I was in India/ Asia/ Africa for a couple of weeks last summer (building wells/distributing food/selling cupcakes to help liberate women) and I can tell you you’re wrong.

7) It is OK for me to work in other people’s countries. It is different when they come to mine to do it.

8) Sanjay/ Tunde/ Winston said it was OK and he’s Asian/ African/ Caribbean.

9) Let me tell you a story of something that happened to me once, and compare it to your everyday experience.

10) The police are worse in Africa.

11) You seem to have a chip on your shoulder.

12) You’re being really aggressive and I don’t like your manners.

13) Sigh. The race card again.

14) I’m not racist, but …

15) Every person has different experiences in life.

16) We need education and dialogue with racists, not anger.

17) I can’t take this victim mentality anymore. Change your thoughts and change your world.

18) Don’t get so emotional. It’s about perception, are you sure you weren’t being oversensitive?

19) I’m uncomfortable with an honest discussion on how racism pervades our society.

20) I am going to ignore structural racism, history, the legacy of colonialism and slavery, the ongoing eradication and appropriation and insist that you are the racist.

21) I am sorry but I will speak on behalf of those poor African/ Arab/ Asian women. If I don’t then who will?!

22) I am not personally responsible for any of this. I am innocent of history even though I am privileged by it.

23) You need to let go of the past. If your ancestors were massacred, how come you are alive?

24) If I had said that, you would have jumped on it and declared I am a racist.

25) It’s political correctness gone mad. I can’t say anything now.

26) You have hurt my feelings and now you owe me an apology.

27) My parents were Irish immigrants and WE learnt to assimilate … why can’t you people do the same?

28) Well Jamaicans hate Nigerians and that is racist. Why don’t you talk about that?

29) If the British did not colonise you, someone else would have. We brought you civilisation.

30) You wouldn’t be allowed to talk like this in your own country.

31) If you don’t like it here – go back to where you come from!

32) Ending racism is about changing attitudes and embracing ” diversity” … I teach my kids to respect everyone and we go to Carnival every year.

33) You lot always go on about the murder of Stephen Lawrence. What about (insert white person) who got killed?

34) I know why you don’t want to date/ sleep with me. It’s because of all the racism you’ve experienced in your life. But I’m not like those white people Trust me. I even know the words to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

35) How can I be racist? My sister/ cousin/ aunt/ uncle/ first family pet was married to a black man!

36) How can I be racist? I enjoy a curry every now and again.

37) When you act like this you just perpetuate the cycle of hate. You’re bigger than this. Rise above it!

38) It was just a joke!

39) I don’t see colour. You’re just normal to me.

40) There is only one race. The human race.


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