Bedford Is Most Charitable City In The UK

by Dayo Laniyan


According to the data gathered by the donations platform JustGiving, the city of Bedford is the most generous town in the UK when it comes to giving money to charitable causes.

The town in Bedfordshire, in the year up to May 2014, had given a total of £1,145,967 to charities, all coming from 41,361 people.

In second place came Cambridge, with £1,440,634 raised by 48,295 people, and third place went to Reading, with £1,711,566 raised by 58,235 givers.

The figures were calculated by working out the amount donated and the number of givers in relation to the overall population of the town, which explains why some of the lower ranked towns gave larger amounts.

Richard Fuller, the MP for Bedford and Kempston had told the BBC that his reaction to the news was “thrilled but not surprised.”

“It’s great to see that sense of personal responsibility to not just look after yourself but to look after others.” He said.

“What’s distinctive about Bedford is that going back decades now it’s been a very welcoming place for people with different backgrounds.”

Just Giving is the UK’s biggest charity fundraising website. Among the fundraising pages hosted by the social platform is that of the teenager Stephen Sutton, who died in May of cancer. The 19-year old had raised over £4million for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Top 10 most generous towns (According to JustGiving)

1. Bedford – £1,145,967 given by 41,631; population 79,150
2. Cambridge – £1,440,634 given by 48,295; population 126,480
3. Reading – £1,711,566 given by 58,235; population 159,247
4. Brentwood – £750,509 given by 21,672; population 74,460
5. Woking – £921,165 given by 27,646; population 99,567
6. Aberdeen – £1,872,610 given by 58,307; population 220,420
7. Cheltenham – £976,995 given by 33,381; population 115,900
8. High Wycombe – £1,004,113 given by 31,658; population 93,736
9. Watford – £737,375 given by 22,643; population 93,736
10. Bristol – £848,674 given by 28,553; population 121,723

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