Barbie Doll Weddings, Classical Music and Art Galleries….Yes, This is Lagos!

BBC’s Will Ross visits the MUSON Centre in Lagos and what he discovered was quite literarily music to our ears. The Musical Society Of Nigeria (MUSON) centre in Lagos is well-known amongst socialites in for being one of the choice venues for highbrow events, concerts and weddings. What it’s not very known for is being the home of the Lagos School of Music..

This short video for the BBC features budding musicians in various parts of the centre trying their hands on genres ranging from classical music to High Life and complicated musical instruments you would normally expect from children attending posh schools in England. You could even be forgiven for thinking you were listening to the BBC Proms during the rendition of Ave Maria by student John Eclou.  

musonA quote from one of the talented students playing the xylophone at the centre in an interview with the reporter sums up the challenges facing young musicians in Nigeria: 

“I was offered a place at Manchester. But there was just one problem,” he told me.

“Sixteen thousand one hundred pounds a year.”

“Sixteen thousand pounds a year?” I asked.

“No. Sixteen thousand, one hundred pounds,” he shot back. “There is no way I can afford that. My father is not a politician,” he said laughing.

It’s the 30th anniversary of the centre and they’ve got loads of concerts and programmes lined up to celebrate this milestone. If you’re in Lagos, it’s well worth checking it out as it promises to be really inspiring. 

Still on the arts, a super talented Nigerian; London Based Photographer, Obi Nwokedi, recently recreated scenes from a typical Nigerian wedding in the form of black Barbie dolls. His work which aptly captured moments we’ve all experienced while at one of our ‘owambes’ was exhibited at an art gallery in Lagos. 

From chaotic scenes during the bride’s preparations on the big day to guests chatting during the party…..down to the spraying of the couple by the guests….it’s truly incredible what the artist created…we want more!




Kudos to the BBC for bringing out this little known side of the most populated City in Africa. There are too many negative stereotypes of Nigerians and Lagosians…..hopefully, this will shed some light on how diverse and culturally rich it really is.  

For the full story…follow this link


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