Is The Backlash Agaist KimYe Vogue Cover Justified?

So, the debate rages on.

Disgruntled Vogue readers are demanding answers as to what fashion credentials Kim K has, to deserve being on the front cover of Vogue.

The magazine’s April edition featuring Kim and fiance Kanye West, took the media world by surprise with reports that even friends and family were kept in the dark about the spread.

Loyal KUWTK fans will know that it’s been the reality star’s ultimate dream to appear on the front cover of the fashion bible. A dream Editor Anna Wintour, previously claimed would only come true ‘over her dead body’.


In typical Kardashian style, Kim is said to be taking the backlash calmly. A source told E! news, ‘Kim doesn’t spend time worrying about the haters. She’s not stressing about the backlash, she honestly doesn’t pay attention to stuff like that.’

Some gossip forums are also reporting that the reality star only landed the cover, because Kanye bought it for her.

One has to really applaud the ability of the Vogue crew who did the shoot for keeping quiet all this while, knowing what was coming. The shot was apparently done in two days in Los Angeles by celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz.


So we ask, are people just hating on Kim because she finally got her wish or are Vogue readers justified in their argument that Kim Kardashian is more trashy than classy?

Whatever the story behind the shoot, she looks great in this Lanvin bridal gown and whether you love or hate them, you’ve got to have a heart made out of stone not to fall in love with this adorable photo of baby North from the spread.


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