Ask Funlola: How do I prevent hair loss and why is my hair shedding?

By Funlola Tijani: Haircare Specialist at Beauty & Melody Salon


When we think of hear of hair loss, a lot of us tend to shy away from the subject. Although as more people are experiencing some form of hair loss on a larger scale, a lot more people in this day and age are beginning to acquire more knowledge on the subject.

Hello to all the readers, my name is Funlola, the hair loss specialist at Beauty and Melody salon. I will be here to answer all your hair loss questions to the best of my ability on a monthly basis. I want the readers to feel as comfortable as possible to ask anything they wish relating to this subject. Of course as we all know losing one’s hair is such a sensitive subject. Majority of the times some of us are just searching for someone to speak to, some advice and guidance into the world of the unknown that one would have just embarked on. Here at Beauty and Melody Salon, we do FREE consultations that are not capped at 10/15mins per client, but offer enough time for the clients to express all their concerns. This is also available for all the Naija Living magazine readers too.

Anyone can be affected and experience a form of hair loss, men/women and children. Majority of hair loss is found on the scalp but it can also appear on your entire body as well.

The cause of Hair loss can be

  • Hereditary, (Whereby it’s determined by genetic factors and therefore able to be passed on from parents to their offspring or descendants).
  • An underlining medical condition.
  • Particular medications.
  • Physical or emotional shock and trauma.
  • Over processing due to chemical treatments and incorrect application including hair extensions, braids etc.

Everyone does tend to loose hair on a daily basis which is normal, (through washing and brushing or slight shedding in order for the new growth to appear). It’s only a cause for concern when you see:

  • Circular or bald spots that are patchy.
  • Sudden loosing of hair where handfuls of hair come out whilst brushing/washing or after gentle tugging.
  • Gradual thinning on the top of the head and or hairline.

For us ladies of colour, there are things we can start to do, bad habits that need to be replaced in the prevention of hair loss which are:

  • Regular trims need to be done, any time from 6-8 weeks ideally but can be stretched as far as 10-12weeks, (This applies to the natural sisters too).
  • Regular treatments done, especially if you have colour treated or relaxed hair.
  • Get into the habit of only allowing 18-20mins worth of processing time for your relaxers, over 30mins -1hr is not the norm. On the subject of relaxers, spraying oil sheen and anything of that nature is a big NO NO. IT SHOULD NEVER BE DONE. It may appear like it’s soothing your scalp, but in the long run is only opening the door to more damage. More time should be spent ensuring the whole scalp is very well based prior to applying the relaxer as opposed to trying to leave the relaxer on for as long as possible.
  • When you have hair extensions in, whether it’s braids, weave etc, ensure that they are not left in for too long.
  • Wash your hair regularly, once or twice weekly. A lot of people are being made to believe that the longer they don’t wash their hair the longer it will grow. This is a myth, as hair needs to be cleansed on a regular basis. Product build up, natural oils, alongside scalp build up plus the pollution around us all contribute in the clogging up of the pores. So if you wash your hair more, it enables the hair and scalp to be a lot more breathable and manageable.

If you could get into the habit of doing these things from now then it would be a lot more helpful for your hair.

Look forward to hearing your questions about caring for your hair.

If you have any questions about hair loss and treatments, please send them to and we will aim to answer them in our next column!

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