Ashya King Leaves Malaga For Prague Hospital

Ashya King and his parents have left the children’s hospital in Malaga after a clinic in Prague accepted to treat the very sick five-year old with the proton beam treatment his parents were trying to seek when they took him from a hospital in Southampton.

Ashya was placed at the hospital 9 days ago when his parents were arrested by Spanish police after a European arrest warrant was issued by the CPS the Hospital over concerns for Ashya’s health and safety when the family left the hospital after disagreeing with doctors over Ashya’s treatment.

Ashya who has brain tumour which is already in the late stages can barely move or speak and is being fed with a device powered by batteries- a main concern for doctors in the UK at the time of his disappearance.

His parents Brett and Naghmeh King claim that when they expressed desire to opt for a different treatment than the one being proposed by the NHS, hospital staff threatened to take Ashya into care, even though they expressed intentions to finance the treatment themselves.

After Ashya’s story went global, a Proton therapy clinic in Prague have welcomed Ashya for treatment and he is now said to be on his way, along with the rest of his family to the hospital where it is thought he will first receive six weeks of radiotherapy or chemotherapy before beginning the proton beam therapy.

Ashya was certified to be in good health for travel and was said to be playing with toys and his brother prior to the flight.

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