As Nigeria waits to be declared Ebola-free, shareholders within health service advise caution and continued commitment

As Nigeria is set to be declared an Ebola-free country by the World Health Organisation (WHO) today, Nigerians have been calling for the same organisation and leadership that led to the containment of the virus to be seen in other sectors.

Already last Friday, Senegal was declared Ebola free by the WHO, commending the quick and effective response to the outbreak. Now Nigeria is reaching the end of its 42 day trial period with no new Ebola cases being detected. The announcement is expected to be made later today by the WHO subcommittee.

However a number of stakeholders have advised that even with Nigeria becoming an Ebola-free country the fight against the virus should not stop. In fact Professor Innocent Ujah, Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) called for an extension of the same commitment to containing the disease towards other services in healthcare.

He said “One thing that we should not forget is that unless we continue with research we would not go anywhere. We should not relent in our jubilation over the declaration. We should not forget that this Ebola virus can come back again. So we must be in position of preparedness so that not just Ebola but all other outbreak of diseases can be curtained.

“I advise that Nigerians should continue to practice good hygiene lifestyle and they must have confidence in the medical doctors to be able to render quality health service as it was demonstrated during the Ebola saga in which America wants to come and learn from us how we did our contact tracing and eventually contain the outbreak.”

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