“Anything Can Happen If You Believe And You Dream And Work Hard”- Andy Murray Gets Emotional As He Receives Honorary Award

Andy Murray got all emotional on Wednesday the 23rd April as he was presented the Freedom Of Sterling Award during a ceremony held at his former school, Dunblane High in Scotland.

The award was presented at a special Council Meeting in his home town, to the Wimbledon champion for his outstanding performance at the 2012 Wimbledon tournament and his subsequent success at the American Grand slam.

His mother Judy Murray, father William, grandparents and girlfriend Kim Sears were all present to support him at the ceremony.

Murray who had to wipe away tears several times during the ceremony told the audience, “I’m going to keep this very short because there’s a good chance I’ll get emotional.”

“I’d like to thank the council for voting me in – I was expecting a few nos. I was thinking, ‘There’s got to be one of you who doesn’t like me’.

“I’d like to thank all my family and friends and girlfriend for coming to support me.”

An emotional Andy Murray wipes away tears during the ceremony at his hometown. Photo: Huffingtonpost.co.uk/PA

An emotional Andy Murray wipes away tears during the ceremony at his hometown.
Photo: Huffingtonpost.co.uk/PA

Murray went on to say how proud he was about where he came from adding, “To get this honour means a lot to me so thanks to everyone for coming along – and I apologise for this behaviour.”

The 26-year-old has often come under fire for being stoic and unemotional, particularly with the media. Perceptions started to shift in his favour over the years as he showed a more vulnerable and sentimental persona, even crying after loosing a championship title to Roger Federer during the 2012 Wimbledon Men’s final.

Murray told a Press conference after the ceremony at his former high school that the main reason he had been so emotional was because ‘it felt great to be back home.’

 “I don’t get the chance to come back that often and I don’t get the chance to see my family as much as I would like, and I’m very proud of where I come from. So to get this honour from my local council means a lot. I don’t think anyone would have really expected it – tennis players don’t really come from Scotland, so it’s a strange story, but shows that anything can happen if you believe and you dream and work hard, then you can achieve whatever you want to.”




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