Another High School Shooting in Marysville, US leaves 2 dead- others critically injured

When will it stop?

Americans are grieving again today (and so are we) after another shooting at a high school in Marysville, Washington left 2 people dead, including the shooter.

Relatives have identified the gunman as 14 year old Jaylen Fryberg and it’s not clear yet who the victim is at the moment although one of the victims in hospital in critical condition right now is said to be Fryberg’s cousin.

The high school student opened fire in the school cafeteria on Friday as students gathered and reportedly fired shots at his targets from behind the head.

Three students are now said to be in critical condition in hospital after suffering head injuries.

It’s not clear what motivated Fryberg to carry out the shooting, but speculations abound that the teenager may have been motivated by heartbreak after his long term girlfriend ended the pair’s relationship.

Gun crime is the US are becoming very prevalent with gunmen merely out of their teens unleashing terror on fellow students and teachers in High Schools around the country.

This incident will reignite the debate around America’s very loose gun laws which allows anyone to own a gun without stringent checks.

Despite the increase in gun attacks in the country, many still support the current gun laws and view the right to own a gun as a strong pillar upon which the country’s constitution was built.


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